Maternity Wedding Dresses

Who says pregnant brides can’t wear maternity wedding dresses Just because a bride is in a family way is no reason for her not to look like a bride on her special day. Sure, the style of dress might be a little different, but just because the bride-to-be is also a mother-to-be, is no reason not to have all the perks. That includes a beautiful white maternity wedding dress.

Maternity Wedding Gowns

It’s difficult to use words such as “appropriate” when it comes to an ASAP wedding. There was a time this type of wedding would either be performed early on in the pregnancy when the bride was barely showing, or in a quick civil ceremony without any fan fare. Way back when, it wasn’t considered appropriate to have all the bells and whistles when the bride had a bun in the oven.

These days it’s not as uncommon for the happy couple-to-be to have started their family before the big day. Eyebrows aren’t raised nearly as much as they used to be. The bride who is in a family way no longer has to hunt for an off-white or colored dress. She can now walk down the aisle in something white and not have to worry about breaching etiquette.

Times Have Changed!

Thankfully, the days of the maternity moo-moo or hiding one’s pregnancy are behind us. Today’s pregnant bride can wear a variety of styles, and either show off her pregnancy or not. The best part is, it’s her choice. Even though the pregnant bride must plan quickly, that doesn’t mean she can’t wear a wonderful designer dress. Many wedding dress designers now include a maternity line.

Instead of wearing the equivalent of a long white smock, today’s mother-to-be-bride can choose from a variety of styles including off the shoulder, strapless, sleek and clingy, full skirted, formal, informal and even a beach wedding dress. Best of all, these dresses were made with the pregnant bride in mind, which means comfort is taken into the highest consideration.

Ordering Online

When you order a dress from an Internet shop or auction site,  the dress can’t be tried on. Of course, when you’re dealing with maternity wear, you’re constantly growing. Still, you want to make sure you have room to grow. Be sure to take accurate measurements. Let the shop know where you are in your pregnancy and the date of the wedding. This way, they can be sure the gown will fit. Many shops recommend ordering a maternity wedding dress one size larger and having it altered down to size.

A Beautiful Bride

There are many options available for today’s brides-to-be, even those that might be in a family way. This is no longer the embarrassment it was ten or twenty years ago, however. The maternity wedding dress is proof of this.

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