Informal Wedding Gowns

Informal Wedding Gowns Can Make Your Ceremony More Stylish

Informal wedding Gowns are in high demand and are extremely popular. They are typically chosen as alternative to formal wedding gowns by women who want something simple and comfortable, yet still elegant and enchanting at the same time. Despite their casual name, they can be very sleek, contemporary, and fashionable.

Informal wedding dresses are perfect for the first time bride as well as for a second wedding (or beyond!). Another advantage is that they are well suited to any season of the year and can flatter a bride of any age. So “going informal” is a great option if you do not plan to have an elaborate ceremony and reception.

Look Great, Spend Less

The informal alternatives to weddings gowns are just like regular casual wear, so they can be used for other events beyond the ceremony and reception. The good thing, though, is that you’ll still look great and you won’t have to worry about spending outside of your budget. This is because going informal is all about putting the focus on comfort and style. For the cost conscious, you should know that you will be spending considerably less money than on the full traditional white wedding outfit.

Informal short wedding dresses do not mean plain or boring. The western theme lends itself nicely to choosing an informal dress, and goes well with stylish boots. And a white sun dress or other informal wedding wear is perfect if your mid-afternoon wedding is at a garden or other outdoor location.

Casual Wedding Wear Travels Well

Going informal is a great choice for weddings at home, beach ceremonies, and eloping in Las Vegas or other popular second or third marriage locations. In fact, Las Vegas must be “America’s Third Marriage Capitol”! But back on topic …

Informal wedding dresses are perfect if they fit your style and personality. However, informal wedding dresses may still be too formal for some very casual ceremonies. You might not want to wear a dress at all if your guests are in swim suits or birthday suits.

Take the phrase “informal wedding dress” and picture a gown that is unpretentious, classy, graceful and relaxed. Some of the most beautiful wedding gowns throughout the ages have been the ones that enhance the bride’s features rather than overpower them. Never before have women had so much choice when to comes to informal wedding gowns.

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