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Comments From Customers:

Dear PLB,

I don't know you- don't know if you are male or female- DON'T CARE-, I love you. I love the quality of the merchandise you are selling, the price, the delivery wow-
I am sure you deal with thousands of people, but I want to personally say thank you-
everyone has their own personal story, as I have 1/2 a volume or so- but HOW- what you sell- touched me like non other-
I have been morbidly obese for most of my life-
I used to weigh 425 lbs, 5 years ago, had the gastric bypass- lost over 260+ pounds, I used to dress to hide my body, and now unfortunately I still have to dress to hide my body, the excess skin, especially from my underarms, which hangs about 6 -8 inches, it is hard to find some formal clothing, for a size 8-10-12-depending on cut-that would fit the arms of an extra large size. I am 52 years old, went through divorce after 25 years of marriage, will be remarried soon. GUESS what dress is my enagement/reception dress! the one from you-
thank you- judy,

Dear PLB,

My maid of honor received the gown on Monday. Thank you very much for shipping to the alternate address! I got my "girls" together yesterday to open the box. It was like Christmas morning! We were all laughing, how could a wedding gown fit in that little box? But it did, and you did a very nice job of securely packaging it. When we pulled it out we all gasped! The gown is absolutely beautiful! Exactly as pictured, down to every detail. Your size measurements were excellent as well. I am built huge on top, small every where else. Buying online, I was very concerned about the bust measurement, and it fits perfect in the bust! Hooray! I will need to have the rest altered down quite a bit, but I knew that! I have no idea how you offer these gowns so inexpensively. I looked in bridal shops and at online collections, at gowns that were much pricier than yours...and didn't find "my gown". As soon as I opened up the listing for this gown and looked at it, I knew it was the the one! And it is!

- doula-k

My niece receive the wedding gown. Thank you very much for making her very happy. She said that the gown is a million times prettier than the picture and was in tears while describing it to me. How I wish the feedback box, where you can type in, is bigger so I can describe how honest you are with your description. Again, thank you... thank you very very much for making my niece very very happy. Words are never enough to describe the happiness that your wedding gown had given to the youngest daughter of my late brother.

May God bless you, your family and your business always. Your honesty deserves the best.

With high respect,
Jean S.

Dear Priceless Bridal Ladies,
We received our order yesterday, and my daughter and I are thrilled with her beautiful Prom dress, Style MQ025 in Navy.
She tried on a similar dress in a bridal shop in our home town in Sussex, England and fell in love with it, so much so that no other dress would do.  I however, did not like the price. It was much more than I wanted to spend.
We looked up the reference number the bridal shop gave us for the dress, on line when we got home in the vain hope we might find it cheaper, and that's when we discovered you guys. The price was much more reasonable but I was a bit apprehensive about ordering such an important thing on line. Eventually I got up the courage to order the dress less than 2 weeks ago and it has arrived so quickly! I am so grateful and the dress is beautiful. I have to say that the image of the dress shown in gold on your web site does not do it justice and if we had not seen it in both navy and burgundy in the "flesh" in the local bridal shop we would have passed it by completely.
Thanks once again for an excellent service......I shall definitely recommend you to others. And those of you who do not live within the USA I can tell you to order with confidence as I have had no problems at all.
Sarah, Sussex England.

I just wanted to say thank you for my perfect dress!  I got so many compliments on how beautiful it was and no one could believe what a deal I got for it!  Your website had plenty of details, so I was sure I was getting what I wanted and it only needed minimal alterations.  Thanks again!  Lauren


  I would just like to say thank you. You were true to your word and the dress arrived this evening.
The dress is absolutely exquisite. It is even more spectacular then your pictures convey on the internet. The beading is gorgeous. And the dress doesn't need any alterations at all.
So thank you so much and I will make sure to let people know what a pleasure it was doing business with you.
Best Regards.
KCM :0)

To Christina, and everyone else involved:
I had my wedding dress delivered today (3 weeks early) and my gown is absolutely stunning! It is everything I hoped it would be, and if I might mention that after seeing it in person, the pictures of it online do not do the quality of work and needlepoint justice.

Thank you so very much for everything. I will be so proud to wear this gown on my big day!

I have nothing but praise for your site and will be certain to mention you to other future brides. Thanks again!

Laura K. (Soon to be Mrs. P)


My wedding day is getting closer (not soon enough). I just wanted to thank y'all for the beautiful dress. It is so perfect. The picture doesn't do the dress justice, i love how my dress looks when the light shines down on it. I know my fiancee will just melt when i start walking down the aisle in your Priceless Bridal dress. One of the many great things is that the dress fits perfectly, no alterations needed.
Thank you all so much, it means so much to me to find a dress that i love, and knowing i don't have to start my married life out in debt.
-Carrie J

Dear Priceless Associates

I received my dress that I will be wearing for my son's wedding. It is lovely. Thankyou so much for doing such a nice job. I love it. Thanks also for taking care of it in such a timely matter.

Teresa F.

We received my daughters quinceanera dress just a little while ago! the UPS had tried to deliver on Saturday but we were out ordering the cake!! And who should knock Monday at like 7 PM but the UPS guy with the dress!!! We were all a bit scared the box seemed rather small. My daughter ran into a room to try it on and when she came out I was totally floored. I would never have expected such a beautiful dress. I thought I would need to buy that underskirt wire to make the skirt puffy but no, it was absolutely perfec! We will only need to take a little off the bottom. My daughter is going to look like a true princess Thank You!!!

Hey, guys,

I just wanted you to know that I recieved my gown yesterday, and I when I tried it on, I cried like a baby... it's more beautiful than I imagined it would be, and the picture on your site didn't do it justice. I would have never been able to afford a dress like this without your site. Thank you so much, and I will be referring everyone I can to you.

Anne J.

Hey thank you very much I love it!! It is beautiful! Thank you for getting it to me so quick. I will do my best to send some photos. I can't tell you enough how much I love this dress and how great the service has been. I will definitely recommend you to everyone!

Just had to tell you once again that these shoes we received from you are the most perfect beautiful prom shoes. My daughter has redesigned her dress (decided on knee length to show off the shoes) and her jewelry and rhinestone embellishments on her dress to match these shoes. Absolutely her most favourite piece. Her entire prom is based on these shoes. Made us both so happy.

Thank you once again. Thought I'd share our enthusiasm with you.

I received my gown about a month ago and I must say I'm am very happy with my dress. I was very skeptical about ordering online and seeing that I am ordering from the Caribbean and I am not in the US I was more skeptical.Well I love my dress and it fits perfectly. I can surely recommend you to anyone. Thank you for assisting in making my day a dream come true.
Commonwealth of Dominica
West Indies

March, 2006

I did not know who to e-mail this to so I decided to send it you.

I place an order for my Wedding dress. I e-mailed pictures to people I know. They all thought is were beautiful. I was shocked.

I first was surprised (pleasantly) to get the dress. The best part was when I tried it on. I have to order 2 sizes too big in most cased to get it to fit right in one. When I placed the order I sent my measurements and when I tried it on. IT FIT. But the length.

Your company is great. I recommend this to every one I know.

This is marriage 3 for me but first wedding. I am stoked.

I read the reviews for the customers first and boy what reviews.

Your customer service is excellant.


Thank you
Debbie from FL

January, 2006

I want to thank you- a million times! The dresses in my area that I looked at were very pretty but they were so high priced and none seemed to be " The Dress". I started looking on the web for a better deal and dress and found your site. You had the dress that I dreamed of and the best $159.00 and free shipping I was able to relax for the first time since we started planning our wedding.
You guys are amazing. I am so impressed with the quality of my dress and the workmanship of it. I am having everyone I know look at your site!
Thank you for giving me the dress I have always dreamed of with a price that I thought I would only dream about!!
Tara E.

I would like to express how I feel about ordering from you. I had to call several times to change info and spoke to Lilly she is a great customer service rep and was very helpful and kind. She told me I would recieve my dress in 5 days, and I live in Virginia and I did recieve it on the 5th day. The dress was beautiful (and it looks like I spent $500 or more on my dress) and the price was the greatest expecially if your on a budget trying to have a nice wedding. Thanks so much!!!! I am so happy!!!!

Dana S.

April, 2005

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I have received the dress and it fits like a glove! All I have to do is shorten it! I love it, my family loved it and also my friends. They all want to order from you!
I am so happy! You made me happy!

March, 2005

My dress has arrived at last! I am overwelmed by it. It is far better than I expected. I really do love it. My daughters picked it and it fits perfectly.My one daughter has now ordered a dress from your dazzling range. The order will be in the post on Monday. Many thanks for all your help and support. I really can't wait to show the dress off. We are telling everyone about your site. Brilliant thank you.


February 24, 2005

Second box of 3 dresses has arrived safe and sound and my husband says they are absolutely perfect!!! I can't wait to see them. He says this one is the best one so far - Gold 14 Formal Prom Cocktail Party Evening Dress Gown and that it is even prettier in person than the picture indicated.

I don't think I told you, I'm in Iowa because I had surgery on Feb. 3 to start removing some of the huge mounds of skin left over because I've lost 242 pounds since 9/11/03!!! We are booked for a Bypass Buddies Cruise on 9/11/05, and I can't wait to be able to wear your gorgeous gowns on the cruise. I am actually thinking this one might be perfect for renewing our wedding vows in, since we are also celebrating our 15th anniversary on this same cruise.

Thank you so much, I'm not done yet! <grin> I have never owned an evening gown in my life, so I am going nuts I know, but I just love them all so much it is very hard to choose, lol. I might have to go on a second cruise just to have enough nights to wear them all.

Have a great weekend and thanks again!


April 29, 2004

Dear Sales Associate and TMA,Inc.

I received the bridal gown I ordered from your company about two weeks ago. I am writing to let you know how extremely satisfied I am with the service, delivery time and most of all, the gown itself. Ordering a product this important from a company on the Internet can be a bit concerning, but your sales people were excellent andn the gown arrived at my home exactly when you sales person told me would arrive.

The bridal gown is many times more beautiful that I emagines it to be. I only had the picture from the Internet to judge from, but my expectations were more than met when I pulled the gown out of the shipping box and tried it on. I ordered LAC-7059 and except for it needing hemmed, it fit perfectly accouding to the measurements that I was given to go for the gown.

Thank you for making buying my wedding gown such an easy and delightful task, since there is so much planning to do when it comes to a wedding and the ddress is so important.

Barbara H.

Hi there

I received my gown yesterday. I wanted to tell you I'm absolutely thrilled!!

It was a very hard choice to order off the net - especially for something so important. I am so happy.

I am always so hard to fit but this gown is perfect - I just need to wear a different bra and voila! Perfect fit.

Thank you so much. I will order all my formal wear from you now that I'm sure of the quality.

Thanks again

Sandra T
B.C. Canada

Thank you so much for shipping the dress so quickly. Bought it on Thursday. Went away for the weekend on Friday, home Monday and here it was. It got here quicker than we did. It's beautiful and I love it.
Thanks again,

Thank You sooo much. You have made my week, I had just been to David's Bridal and they had nothing even close to either of those dresses. The dresses that they did have were so high, you'd almost have to stay at a Motel 6 for your honeymoon. Again, thank you. This is my second marriage, but first "wedding", and I wanted the whole nine yards, but without the ten year debt. Without your site, it would have been very hard to do. The other 'discount sites do not have near the deals or dresses that you offered.

Item arrived and in great condition. Thanks for the speedy shipping and it was nice doing business w/ you.



Just a brief note to let you know I received the dress today. IT'S MAGNIFICENT! I'm looking forward to buying from you again in the future. Again, thanks for the great dress!

Hi, I received the dresses today. They are gorgeous. Thanks so much.

Dear AT,
Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times for sending me the most beautiful wedding gown I have ever worn. The gorgeous Pallas Athenas size 10 fits like a charm and I am so happy with it. It will be my wedding dress for that very special day when I marry. I know I will continue to do business with you and again I want to thank you sincerely.

Most grateful to you,
Sophia M

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you so much for this awesome gown. It was even better than I expected! This was such a hassle free way to shop for a gown. Thank you for making my day all the more special.

Dear PLB,
The wedding gown arrived today and it is truly WONDERFUL. You will have made a young womans dreams come true. It has been a real pleasure. Yours truly, Ardith

Thanks so much for all your help. I have the dress and it fits perfectly!

Will definitely recommend your service to friends.


No worries. Thank you so much for updating me and cleaning the dress. Most companies/businesses would have just sent it dirty and left it up to me to clean. I really appreciate what you've done. There are no inconveniences.

Thank you so much, again! I will go thru you for any other items I need for my wedding!!



Just to say that I've received the dress, and I'm absolutely over the moon with it!! It is the nicest dress I've seen in a long while. I can't describe how happy I am with it. Plus it's a perfect fit!! It needs a little shortening, but everything I buy does, so I'm an experienced "taker-upper" now!! I'll probably try and turn the excess material into an accessory! A shawl or handbag/purse perhaps!

Once again thank you so much.

Jane C.

Thank you for your quick response. When I got home from work on Friday my gown had actually been delivered to my neighbour.

I tried it on immediately. It is beautiful and just as I imagined it would be. It fits perfectly and I am really pleased with everyone at A Price Less Bridals, for their professionalism and promptness.

I feel like I have won the lottery. I know my fiancé will be astounded when he walks down the aisle with me next year.

Thanks again.


The gown is absolutly stunning! It is beautiful! Thank you so much!!!!

I got it at lunch....It is awsome. Look forward to shopping from you again.


Got this dress along with another one from you. They are both great! Super fast shipping and I am one happy customer! Thanks for smooth transaction, it was a pleasure working with you!

Linda P.

I received the dress today and I just had to write you! OMG! This is an absolutely gorgeous gown. I feel I STOLE it at the price I paid. Your description was perfect. We are all here shaking our heads. Someone up above was looking out for me I guess. Even with the slight flaws, this dress could have easily been $300 -- $500. I just do not know what to say other than Thank You.

You see I was extremely nervous about this dress and buying it on the internet. There is a story behind this whole deal.

I actually purchased a FULL PRICE GINZA gown for approximately $1100.00. Back in September 01. I found the exact gown I wanted in Brides Magazine and traipsed all over the US to find it. Luckily a gal in Kansas just started carrying the Private Label gowns. She originally did not have my gown but ordered it in. Mind you the gown was located 5 hours away from me. After a couple of trips there we completed the deal. We knew that it would be at least 18 months before we could marry, but she reassured me that I could keep the gown there with no problems. I felt this was a good idea, afraid that I might ruin it. So for safety sake I kept it there. Well, a couple of months before the wedding we had several incidents within the family illness; death and we had just opened a restaurant. I called and explained that we would not be married until October of this year. I asked if they would just ship the gown. The gal explained to me that she would be happy to keep it as long as I need it. They sometimes held paid for gowns such as mine for up to and beyond 24 mos., which surprised me. She was a neat old gal whom her and her husband had ran that business for over 40 years.

Well, last month I called to have it shipped, can you guess? We have to postpone again LOL! When I did the gal could not find the dress. Apparently, she was the new owner and had no idea of the arrangements on the gown. So she said she had put it back into stock!!!! And resold it. She never even notified me. Not only was I out the money I was also out the dress. I was and have been just sick. I had no idea what to do, or where to turn. I thought it was a sign especially with all the reschedules on the wedding date. Until I started looking a the wedding gowns and I had seen this gown. I decided to make a bid (actually I bid quite a bit higher on this than what I paid) and that was my final bid. I took several days to think it over. And then I won!!! =)

Well, the past few days have been hair-raising for me because I had told myself, if this gets lost in shipping&. It is DEFINITELY a sign NOT to get married!!! You can only imagine how surprised I was to receive it today. And when I pulled it out of the box, this gown could have never been more beautiful. So I am sure my emails were obnoxious about not receiving it, but now you know why I was so nervous.

I cannot even begin to thank you! Words are just not enough! This is my second marriage (for the both of us). My first I was very young, although married for 10 years. I had to take what I could get for a wedding. I swore that this time it will be exactly what I want. And I will ABSOLUTELY be wearing one of the most gorgeous gowns I have ever seen. Just goes to show you don't always know what you think you want. Thanks so much for being a part of that special day for us. I am keeping my eyes on your auctions for Bridesmaid dresses and accessories. Actually, I had purchased a 4 hoop crinoline slip because I thought even though it said attached in your description, there was a sentence further down that it was not included. LOL! I don't know if I will need it. I have to watch the $$ right now, especially after loosing in excess of $1100. But I am looking for at least 5 bridesmaid gowns in either Celadon or Light blue. Ranging from size 8 - 12. A Tiara and ivory veil and necklace and earrings to match this gown.

Thank you, so much A. T. Martin. I just wish I could explain how much this means to all of us. I am not a crier but I am sitting here with tears running down my face. It is one of the best things that have ever happened to me.

"Buna Notte Mi Amigo Bello" - " May God Breathe his Peace into your dreams"
Many Many Blessing and the Hope that you have as much joy come to you as it came to me today! =)
Shannon C.

I just received the dresses, and they are beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for your prompt service and your understanding as to my late reply. I hope to do business with you again!

I received my dress today and it is beautiful. thank you very much.


Wedding dress # ___ has arrived and it is beautiful.

Meghan T

Hi! I just wanted to let you know I received the wedding gowns and they are more beautiful than the pictures! Thank you again for the opportunity to purchase them. Words cannot express how happy you have made these young women who normally would not have a fabulous dress for their special day. I hope to do business with you again.

Sally J.

I received my dress on Friday, and I wanted to say thank you because I love it!

Thanks again!

My dress arrived on Thursday May15, 2003 and I collested it on Friday. Thank you very much . I really love my dress it is very beautiful and it only needs minor adjustments which my mom can take care of. I am going to be the talk of my community on my wedding day . Thanks a million. If any one I know is getting married you will be recommended. I could have bought the same dress from Barbados but is was for US$ 500 with out the train which is close to what I paid for the dress and the train.

I must also thank you for the way that it was shipped via the post office.

Once again thank you for everything and it was a pleasure doing business with you.

West Indies


Thank you for a beautiful wedding gown!! Because of you my wedding will be perfect!!!

I would just like to take this time to thank you for such a beautiful and affordable dress. I am a graduate student so my budget is tight and after searching local dress stores I thought my hopes of having a beautiful, elegant, affordable dress was history. Thanks to a TV show that promoted your web site I was able to take a chance and order a dress. When I got the dress I was nervous, but I tried it on and it fits perfectly! I highly recommend your business to everyone I know. Thanks again for making my dream come true. You have a wonderful company!

- Chicago, IL

Good evening
Gown was received here in Mississippi today!!!!!!
It is stunning by the way! Way under described! Could not be happier! I feel like a princess!

Thanks so much!

Your postage arrives me today, it's all very nice-top dress!!!I'm very glad about this transaction and hope to do business again. Best regards from Bavaria and wish you a nice day.


Just a short note to let you know that the dress has arrived and it is gorgeous. the only thing that it needs taking in but that shouldn't be a problem. that=nks for all your help-we will certainly be recomending you in the future-in fact, I already have!

Best Wishes,
Ruth and Peter

Just letting you know that the black long neck dress arrived perfectly! I see you have another of these.....may have to invest in another as some people have spied the one I received yesterday already! Many thanks for the great service and patience....will surely do business with you again. top notch product! Take it easy and keep it safe


Hi there,
The dress has arrived and it is beautiful, just wanted to say thanks a lot.


I just wanted to notify you personally that I received my gown yesterday. I must say I was very leary as to what I would actually receive. Your gown surpassed every expectation I have ever had for my "dream" wedding gown. I cannot begin to describe just how incredible I look and feel in the Mon Cherie wedding gown I purchased from you. I can't thank you enough for making all my wedding dreams come true. This gown makes me feel absolutely beautiful!

Thank you! Thank you!
Sincerely a Very Happy Bride to Be