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Bridesmaid Dresses

Over the years bridesmaid dresses have changed dramatically. Today bridesmaid have a free reign as a part of the wedding party. Gone are the days of having to buy a gown that the bride picked for her wedding party. No matter how close the friendship was, friends almost didn’t want to be asked to be in the wedding party because they knew they would only wear the bridesmaids dress the day of the wedding and usually it was at the price paid by the brides friend. Today it is a totally different story…..maid usually can pick out their own style color and price gown to be in the wedding party. Usually maids pick out a gown that they can wear again for another event. Further, with so many different options for the purchase of the gown, money options are vast. You can visit a bridal salon in your local town or go online, set up an account for the entire wedding party. In the old days the mother of the bride would sew handmaiden gowns for the wedding party. Those options are still available and could be fun for all. No matter which option you choose, make this selection fun and a special part of the wedding celebration

aThe thing is that, although the wedding day is usually mainly about the bride, bridesmaids often pay a lot of money for dresses that they can only wear once as well. And they often don’t have any say in what it is they’re wearing. So, a nice idea might be to go through a catalog with the bridesmaids and point out a few ideas, then let them get together to make a decision on the types of bridesmaids dress they’d like to order. They might want to get something that they can either wear again exactly as it is, or something they can modify on the backend for alternative uses.